Prove & Scale Model

Creating extraordinary returns by proving concepts, products and
business models for scale.

From start-up through scale-up

We support founder and management teams of software and technology companies from start-up through scale-up. By combining entrepreneurial passion, software and technology expertise, business modeling and development with investments the companies go through the New Normal Prove & Scale Model. As company insiders, being data-driven with clear milestones defining the company stages and follow up investments we optimise risk, reward and company growth,

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This is how we work

The Prove & Scale


Prove Concept

As team insiders we complement the founding team testing and tuning the value proposition to build a product/market fit. With the first paying customers and a working first version, the start-up is ready to invest into a scalable product.

Prove Product

Driven by market requirements and a product management roadmap the product capabilities are build up alongside a team. With the first high demanding customers prove the product and delivery capability for scale.

Prove Business Model

Customer journey metrics at critical scale are at the core of any replicable business model from acquisition, through conversion, delivery, retention and recommendations.


With a proven concept, product and business model we are ready to replicate and scale. The company is then ready to take on extensive growth funding and enter the next phase as a scale-up.

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