Start, prove and scale exponential companies with the use of software and technology.

Proving concepts, products and business models for scale.

We prototype, found, and co-found new ventures, rethinking business models using insights and resources from the different group companies and industry partners. We take the ventures through our prove and scale process until ready for scale-up.

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Companies incubated In Our Lab

Dimension Four

End-to-end IoT Cloud Platform

Dimension Fours is a hyper-scalable end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) cloud service, connecting any sensor or data source through APIs developers love. Co-founded in our Lab with Nordigi, who are experts in sensor technology, we have used a unique combination of skills to redefine how IoT cloud services are made.

Whether looking to create a data-driven application or build AI powered smart solutions quickly and simply, Dimension Four has the power to make any developer an IoT superhero.


GraphQL Powered PIM and Headless Commerce Service

Crystallize is on a mission to push the boundaries of internet craftsmanship. By redefining the ultimate headless commerce service, we represent the future of how businesses can be optimized to operate, grow, and succeed online.

Crystallize started off as a lab project within Snowball, led by our partner Bård Farstad - now CEO of Crystallize. Two decades later, combining the online success of demanding global enterprises with innovative business modeling and internet craftsmanship, Crystallize has built up a new frontier that is set to define the future of online experiences.

Frøya Life

Empowering Women and Their Reproductive Health

Frøya Life was co-founded under New Normal Labs together with experienced experts within the fields of finance, insurance, and medicine. Our mission is to empower women by allowing them to take control of their reproductive health, while also being empathetic about the sensitive nature of pregnancy and family planning. This will be achieved through a brand and platform that celebrates, educates, and supports women within the field of fertility.

We feel that the combination of medicine, insurance, finance, and digital software redefines the business model of fertility, putting power back in the hands of women across the globe.

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